Did you ever think that your life expectancy could be determined by something as specific as your zip code? Take a look at this local list and find out where your zip code lands on the list (hopefully, it's high).

It makes sense that depending on the country you're from that you may have a different life expectancy, for example, a First World versus a Third World country. Did you know that it comes down to something as specific as your zip code? I found a list on the Times Union that broke down our life expectancy locally and if you're looking to move, this is a good list. If you're not, depending on where your zip code lands, maybe you should!

Top of the list of the shortest life expectancy is Hamilton Hill, Schenectady who average only about 66.2 years old, with North Central Troy coming in second, and Lansingburgh coming in third. If you're looking to live into your 90s, start looking at property in Greenfield, east of 9N for and average of 91.7 years. Clifton Park/Grooms Rd came in second with 89 and third on the list was Schenectady near Steinmetz Park with 87.4 years. Isn't it strange that two zip codes that aren't too far from each other can have such different results? To see the full list, go to TimesUnion.com.

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