Eating Healthy? There's a Packaged Salad Recall
If you have been eating healthy and buying those bagged salads that are pre-cut and washed for you, you are going to want to check your fridge. There is a recall of a major brand that is causing an intestinal infection. Here are the details.
Adults Trying School Lunches [Watch]
We all had our favorite school lunch!  I loved taco day, personally!  Many people loved pizza day, or even the chicken patty!
But, what if we had to eat that food now?  How would that go?
My kids want to take their lunch everyday, and I'm okay with that...
NY School Serves Children Vegetarian Lunches
Public School 244 in Flushing, Queens became the first elementary school in the U.S. to offer students a completely vegetarian menu!  Pretty crazy, right? But, it's been about six months, and the results are remarkable!
Some of the meals offered were black bean and cheddar qu…