This holiday season you may have done more online shopping than usual as the trend becomes bigger each year. But, was your credit card and personal information at risk more than before? It's possible.

WTEN is reporting that hackers have creatively utilized "malicious" Wi-Fi links to attract the spur of the moment online shoppers. I know that I myself have been guilty of shopping at a store and hopping on the first open Wi-Fi I can find to see if I can find the item on sale for a cheaper price. Who isn't all about trying to save a few dollars where you can?

So, how may this affect you? Take a moment to think about when you've been out and about in the Capital Region doing your shopping or otherwise, have you tried connecting to any unfamiliar Wi-Fi links? Did you attempt to purchase anything after connecting? It'll be smart to keep an even closer eye on your credit card statements and online account activity.

How can you protect yourself? WTEN spoke with GreyCastle Security Expert, Mike Stamas who suggests, "...catching that malicious link before you get to the point where you insert poor information is really a key point. It's also important to look for the site lock icon and green link before entering any personal information."

Another suggestion is to check out as a "guest" shopper rather than an account that has stored your information.

Stay safe and shop smart this holiday season!


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