White Christmas? Zip Code Tool Tells You Yes or No
Many are dreaming of a white Christmas and now there is a tool that will determine whether or not you will get one according to your zip code. Seems like a very rudimentary way, but the Farmer's Almanac says they can tell. Here's how.
Local School Bus Driver Gives Special Gifts to Kids
There is a local school bus driver that has gone above and beyond to make sure her riders are warm and cozy this holiday season. It just happens to be a woman that I went to high school with and she's doing great things for her school community.
Salvation Army Desperately Needs Your Help
'Tis the season that you are used to hearing the Salvation Army bell ringers and making donations. But this year, like many other fundraisers, are different. The Salvation Army is hoping that you will help in either a small or big way. Here's how.
Our Version of Grinch Fudge [GALLERY]
Here's a fun way to celebrate holiday baking without much work. We had a blast making our own version of Grinch Fudge that came out green and delicious. Check out this recipe that takes minutes to prepare.
Wanna Dog For Christmas? - Beware of Scams
If you are looking to add a dog to your family this holiday season, beware of the many puppy scams that are circulating. Be especially aware if you are looking to purchase a puppy online. Here's what to look for.

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