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*BREAKING* NY Mall Evacuated After Shots Fired
A shooting in a New York mall has people here in the Capital Region thinking back to last November when gunshots were fired locally at Crossgates Mall.  The latest shooting incident taking place an hour and forty five minutes south of here in Middletown, left two injured.
Buying Online This Holiday? Albany Police Want to Help
I'm sure you or someone you know has purchased something online, whether from Craigslist or a Facebook group and not known who you were going to meet. A picture doesn't tell us how safe we are with that person, that's for sure. That's why the Albany Police Department wants to hel…
How to Make Holiday Shopping Easier For Yourself
I didn't give myself the nickname of "best gift giver," but I have been called it. I'll admit, it is true that I have a knack of finding the "perfect" items for people. Some call it luck, but that's not what it is. Not at all.
Thanksgiving Day Shopping
As it has become custom now with major chain box stores across the country, Thanksgiving is no longer a time for employees to relax with their families while being thankful for what they have. No, it's all about the "consumer demand" and the need to open earlier and earlier ev…
Would You Celebrate Christmas in January?
Take a minute to think about all the people you work with, all the people you see at the mall or even all the people in your own family. According to an article in the Washington Post, six percent of all people will celebrate Christmas this year in January...

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