Walmart stores are making it easier for those who are at the most risk for the coronavirus. They are setting up special hours for pick-up, contact-free. Walmart has been accomodating customers during the coronavirus outbreak and now they are going one step further for those that are the most at risk.

According to News 10 ABC, Walmart will now offer curbside pickup for customers who need the contact-free experience. At select Walmart stores that offer pickup, from 7 am to 8 am, they will offer this service. It is open to customers over 60 years old, first responders, customers that have disabilities, and anyone who is deemed high-risk.

There is a special section on the Walmart website that shows what you need to do to qualify for the special hours. There is a section on there that says "At-Risk Only". That is where you can opt-in. There are designated times for the at-risk group, but all other hours are open for use as well.

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