There are a lot of New York Lottery scratch-off tickets in New York state. You can spend anywhere from one to thirty dollars. The latest winner spend a cool thirty bucks but cashed in for the top prize of one million dollars!

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Which New York Lottery Scratch-Off Ticket Was it?

The winner scratched off one of the newer and highest-priced games. It was the thirty-dollar VIP Millions scratch-off game with the top prize of one million dollars.

Like most of the New York Lottery scratch-off games, you have to match your numbers to the numbers below. If they match, you win the corresponding amount below the number.

Who Was The $1 Million Winner and Where Was It Purchased?

The winner of the VIP Millions New York Lottery scratch-off ticket is Richard Horton of Elmira, NY in Chemung County. He chose to take the lump sum after taxes and was given $651,000 according to the New York Lottery.

The NY Lottery's VIP Millions lottery scratch-off ticket was sold at the 7-Eleven located at 865 Davis Street in Elmira.

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Because the New York Lottery VIP Millions scratch-off game is newer, there are still twenty-seven $1 million prizes left and tour $5 million top prizes left in this game.

Check out the updated list of New York Lottery scratch-off games and how many top prizes are out there.

Which NY Lottery Scratch-Off Games Have the Most Top Prizes Left?

There are plenty of NY Lottery scratch-off games that have big jackpots left. If you are feeling lucky this time of year, try your luck at one of the New York Lottery scratch-off games. According to the New York Lottery, these are the scratch-off games that still have jackpots to be won to make you become an instant millionaire.



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