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HBO Series Gets Reboot in Catskill-Filming This Summer
Many film crews have been scouting Upstate New York for their films and series. Now HBO is coming into the small village of Catskill to shoot a reboot of a popular series. "Pretty Little Liars" will start filming soon in Catskill as HBO looks to reboot the series.
February Fireworks a go in Lake George
There has been a lot of events canceled because of the pandemic. It's great to see that there is something for us to do all month long because the Lake George area is holding its Winterfest. They announced that they will also be having fireworks each Saturday night.
Guptill's Rolls on For 70 Years
If you grew up in the Capital Region there is a good chance you have roller skated at Guptill's Roller Arena. They are celebrating seventy years this week and are still open for you to either relive your youth or bring your kids to enjoy.
All Aboard The Adirondack Railbike Adventure This Spring
Hopefully, by spring more activities will be opening up but I know that we will still want to do outdoor adventures. This is something I've always wanted to and it's not a far drive from the Capital Region. It's the Adirondack Railroad offering their Adirondack railbikes coming this M…
Price Chopper Merges With WNY Supermarket Chain
This is an enormous merger in the supermarket industry. Two of the supermarket giants are coming together as one that will now make them the biggest in New York state. Having lived both here in the Capital Region and in Western New York, this is an enormous merger that will affect most of New York s…
Area School: At-Home Cheaters Will Be Punished
With many Capital Region schools resorting to remote learning, the temptation seems greater than ever for students to be dishonest with their school work.  There are many ways for students to cheat on math projects, tests and exams with at-home learning but teachers are more equipped than ever to id…

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