I wasn't sure how to title this article. I could have went with, "What NOT to do at the gym", or maybe, "This guy could run circles around you....in place!". All I know is I'm impressed. Ant that this seems to becoming some sort of "trend".

Seriously I feel the need to reiterate the famous, do NOT try this at home. I can just imagine how many injuries would occur if everyone tried to do this sort of thing. I do, however give the guy credit as it must have taken a while and probably a few skinned knees to get this agile on the treadmill. The second video  I think we are dealing with some sort of professional dancer , so while what she does is incredibly impressive, the first guy sort of impresses me even more. I'll let you judge.

So with that let's take a look at some treadmill free styling, I only wish someone had put some fun music to this one!

And now for the even more advanced....


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