I grew up in the 1980's and it was a pretty cool time to be a kid. However, my mom was a hairdresser so my sisters and I always had the latest hairstyles. When I heard this one was coming back, I couldn't help but ask, "Why?!". In the 80's, the perm was all the rage. My mom would give perms four to six times a week. The chemicals smelled horrible and the style was equally as bad. We would always get the latest perms. One classmate referred to me and my sister, Nancy, as "frizzy fruits" after one of my mom's perms. We all were affectionately known as the "hair family".

Chrissy, Michele, Mom and Nancy. Townsquare Media

After reading the article from simplemost.com, I began to cringe. How could this perm trend be back? Well fortunately it's a more subtle style of perm, Thank God! It's more of a wave instead of a tight curl. I bet, too, that it doesn't smell like the chemicals are killing your brain cells as you wait for the solution to set. The perm is now called the "American Wave."