Nick in Clifton Park wrote in asking for Love Cowboy's advice about his girlfriend who wants to decorate for Christmas really early. He claims that she wants to take a whole Sunday to do all of the decorating and to put up the tree. Does Love Cowboy tell Nick to suck it up and do what she wants, or to put his foot down?

Love Cowboy has all kinds of relationship advice each weekday morning with Brian and Chrissy at 6:05am and 8:05am. He fields the dilemmas from WGNA listeners about everything from dating to marriage to splitting the bills and he usually takes aim and insults at Brian. He claims it's really easy to do.

If you have a relationship question for the Love Cowboy, he will take a straight-shooter approach at answering your email. But be warned, he is honest and doesn't sugar coat it. You can email him through Brian and Chrissy in the Morning at

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