Love Cowboy's Advice For Couple Not Talking After Fight
The Love Cowboy comes on the show with Brian and Chrissy in the Morning to try and give relationship advice to a WGNA listener. The dilemmas range from husband and wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, family, and even friendship quarrels. But the Love Cowboy straps on his boots and gets to work.
Too Early To Decorate? Love Cowboy Chimes In
Nick in Clifton Park wrote in asking for Love Cowboy's advice about his girlfriend who wants to decorate for Christmas really early. Does Love Cowboy tell Nick to suck it up and do what she wants, or to put his foot down?
My Parents Or His For Thanksgiving? – Daily Dilemma [AUDIO]
Here is a dilemma that everyone has or will face at some point in their lives, and for some it really can be a struggle with feelings of guilt. It seems like when you get married your family is always very excited about adding someone special to the family, but they never seem to understand that you…
Sean Wants To Share Advice With You – Submit Your Problems
I have been thinking that I'd love to have a segment on the show called "The Daily Dilemma". An open forum where the listeners can call in and give their opinions on a strangers dilemma or question. The nice thing about this is, that usually if one person is thinking about it, odds are man…