Love Cowboy

Quarantine Cowboy Handles Non-Distancing Daughter
Jack in Saratoga emailed the show hoping the Love Cowboy could help him out with a problem regarding his normally very responsible teenage daughter.  She's been sneaking off to hang out with her boyfriend and friends while she should be 'social distancing'.
Love Cowboy On Sleep Divorce Dilemma
Vanessa in Stillwater emailed the show about a situation developing between her and her husband that some have questioned, suggesting that it could lead to problems down the road: they sleep in separate beds. 'Sleep divorce' is quite common with some married couples but what does Love Cowb…
Love Cowboy Gives Guy COVID Pick-Up Lines
Love Cowboy is trying to do his best by still giving love advice during the coronavirus outbreak. This time he is trying to help out a single guy who wants his neighbor to notice him. Can the Love Cowboy help?
Love Cowboy Gives Advice To Panicky Bride To Be
Tessa in Grafton is getting married this Fall and she's been in panic mode ever since the lock down has affected everyone's world. She's worried that lack of money and high stress could lead to complications down the road and wants to postpone the wedding.  Can Love Cowboy help o…
Love Cowboy's Quarantine Kiddo Activities
McKenzie in Glenmont emailed the show because she's basically going out of her mind at home with three kids. She was hoping the Love Cowboy could offer her some good, wholesome ideas to keep the kiddos entertained while she was home with them all day, everyday.  Not exactly sure if th…
Love Cowboy Helps Quipping Quarantined Couple
Love Cowboy has been dealing with a lot of questions and situations that have arisen due to the coronavirus.  Couples are staying home, and as a result, probably getting on each other's nerves a little more than normal.  Such was the case for Orlando in Pattersonville who emailed the …
Love Cowboy Stands Tall for Stood-Up Dater
Cara in Glens Falls emailed the show out of pure frustration.  She's sick and tired of being stood-up by the game guy who makes excuse after excuse.  Can LC offer any insight that could help this defeated dater out?
Love Cowboy Helps Bride in Bachelor Party Mess
Livvey in Castleton is getting married next month. She emailed the show looking for some advice on how to handle a friend of hers who may be boycotting the wedding because of some bachelor party hi jinx that Livvey claims is all in this woman's head.
Love Cowboy Helps Elder Looking For Love
Lisa in Rotterdam emailed the show because looking for dating suggestions for her mom who lost her husband 15 years ago.  She feels like her mom is letting her life slip away without at least attempting to date on occasion and she wanted some suggestions from the Love Cowboy...
Love Cowboy Helps Out Heartbroken Young Buck
Larry in Poestenkill emailed the show, heartbroken after he found out that his girlfriend of many years was cheating on him with her boss at work.  Down and out on his luck, Love Cowboy took a gentle approach to handling this young man's heartache, but was he effective?
Love Cowboy: Help MY BF Hates Country Music
Trina in Troy emailed the show asking for help in turning her boyfriend into a fan of country music.  Trina feels like they're missing out on some key bonding moments together because of his lack of interest in her two of her favorite things: Country music and of course, GNA.

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