Love Cowboy

Love Cowboy: Is It Love or Lust?
GNA tried recently to help a listener determine if her feelings for her man could be genuine even though she's only been dating him for a month.  With the assistance of Love Cowboy, we were able to settle the difference between love and lust.
Love Cowboy Settles Workplace Harassment
Kevin in Cohoes emailed the show because he's fed up with the way his girlfriend constantly gets hit on at work.  Kevin says that his gf always downplays it and tells him it's no big deal, but Kevin ain't having it.  He wants it to stop and asked Love Cowboy for some advice …
Love Cowboy Cleans Up Britain's Royal Mess
Believe it or not, the Love Cowboy cares about things outside of Cobleskill.  We were as shocked as anyone but he proved us wrong with analysis and breakdown of  things related to the much ballyhooed 'Royal Mess'.  In this segment with Brian and Chrissy in the morning on GNA, the LC helped the commo…
Love Cowboy Handles Financial Hardships
Andrew in Castleton wrote into the show and told us how he'd been down on his luck financially lately.  It has caused dome stress between he and his wife as they are struggling with the proper way to handle their upcoming son's bday on such limited funds.
Love Cowboy On Couple Quarrels
Georgia in Pittstown emailed Brian and Chrissy hoping that the Love Cowboy could giver her some advice on how to prevent silly tiffs from turning into full blown battle royals.  The Love Cowboy offered some insight while taking his typical pot-shot at Briaaaaaaaaaaan.
Love Cowboy Helps Woman Suffering X-Mas Letdown
Brooke in Colonie was dissapointed in the gift her man got her for Christmas.  She had her heart set on a Peloton bike, but her husband got her ***gasp*** jewelry instead.  Love Cowboy offered some advice to the woman suffering a Christmas letdown.
Love Cowboy Reacts To BF Who Cheated On NYE
Rebecca in Schuylerville emailed the show because while she was working on New Years Eve, her boyfriend went out with a group of friends.  It turns out, he rang in the new year by kissing another woman and Rebecca found out about it.  Before she addressed it with her guy, she sought some a…
Love Cowboy On Girls and Guys Being Besties
Kyle in Lansinburgh emailed the show because he's been having some issues with his girlfriend of about one year.  It's actually more about her best friend than it is his actual girlfriend.  Kyle claims he's not the jealous type, but hates that her best friend is a dude.  They go to the movies togeth…
Love Cowboy Guides Grouchy Grinches
Kendra in Stillwater emailed the show because of the family backlash she's been receiving over a decision her and her hubby made about breaking family Christmas traditions. Kendra says that they want to have a quiet Christmas morning - just the two of them - while her mom typically hosts a large fam…
Love Cowboys (Horrible) Last Minute Gift Ideas
There's about a week and a half left until Christmas and many of us still have some work to do.  Luckily for us, we have a guy like Love Cowboy on hand to make some horrible last minute gift suggestions.  Like I said, there's still some time, because if this was all you had in te…
Love Cowboy Debates Real Vs Fake (Trees)
Can't decide which one you'd rather have? Love Cowboy weighs in on the pros and cons of the real tree versus the fake tree in a segment with Brian and Chrissy on GNA! He even draws from personal experience citing a story from a buddy of his named Mud-Flap.  We can't make this cra…

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