My Niece's Graduation Without Pomp & Circumstance
There are many things finally opening up and mask restrictions being lifted but some things are still not quite back. Although there was a ceremony of sorts, my niece graduated from Plattsburgh State without anyone to be able to cheer her on in person.
Jacob Monday Gets Honorary Shen Diploma
Jacob Monday can cross yet another thing off his list.  Today, the the amazing 16 year old Shen sophomore received an honorary diploma in a ceremony quickly arranged by classmates, teachers, and school officials.  Monday has decided to forego another round of chemo to spend the rest of his days full…
This Country Superstar Could Play Your Graduation [PICTURE]
I remember my Mechanicville High School graduation, vaguely, but I do know that the only musical entertainment was our high school band and choir. I wish things were cooler when I graduated, but I can't be jealous of the Class of 2017, or maybe I am just a little because this artist will be sho…
Siena Graduate Gets Emotional Surprise [VIDEO]
Jaclyn Aubin knew that Sunday was going to be special. It was her graduation day from Siena College and of course it was mother's day, but what she didn't expect was a visit from a family member she hadn't seen in 5 months.
Local Mom Daughter On Good Morning America
My mom and I are pretty close but even I don't think that we would have been able to accomplish this together. After many years, both of them decided to go to college and what they achieved was more that just a degree.

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