Why I Hate Pre-School Graduations
If you listen to me on the radio much you may know my stance on elementary and middle school graduations and moving up ceremonies is pretty simple, they are dumb! I have always said that the praise should wait until at least the  high school graduation. The fact that you are simply moving to an…
Class Of 2013
Congratulations to the Class of 2013! Here are just a few of our proud graduates in the Albany-Saratoga, New York area. If you would like to add a name to the list, please post in the comment section below.
Congratulate Your Graduate
My son graduated from Plattsburgh State University this weekend. I'm so proud that all of the buttons on my shirt are mysteriously missing. I posted MY congrats,  and now it's YOUR turn at the bottom of this article to post YOURS~
Help Sean Plan His Son’s Graduation Party!
The day is finally here- our oldest son has graduated from high school! With the graduation party coming up in 7 days at our home, so we were wondering (my wife and I) if we could ask the advice of other parents on how to throw a great party.

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