There are many things finally opening up and mask restrictions being lifted but some things are still not quite back. Although there was a ceremony of sorts, my niece graduated from Plattsburgh State without anyone to be able to cheer her on in person.

Bella graduated with honors Saturday from Plattsburgh State and the graduation was scheduled for noon. The plan was to head up to Plattsburgh later to head to a nice restaurant for dinner. At twelve o'clock, my mom and I logged on to a special link so that we could watch her walk into the gym and take her seat. She was in her cap and gown and with only a small number of her classmates, we watched online as she was seated six feet apart from the other graduates.

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I can't lie, I actually enjoyed being able to watch the graduation ceremony from the comfort of my couch in my pajamas.

Chrissy Townsquare Media
Chrissy Townsquare Media

When my nephew graduated from Clarkson a few years ago I remember making that long drive and sitting in the arena for two hours only waiting for that two-minute moment to cheer for him as his name was called. This time, because of COVID, we were happy to watch her graduate and then sign off from the ceremony.

We did get to celebrate, however. Thanks to some restrictions that have been lifted, we were able to go out to dinner with Bella, in Plattsburgh that night and enjoy a night out. We had drinks, laughed, and it was almost like things were normal again.

Hopefully, as the summer approaches and more people get vaccinated, we can begin to do more. Until then, some of the things that are still restricted are sometimes not all that bad.

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