Ahh, graduation day. Such a memorable ceremony to be had. Ohh wait, yours didn't end with a couple dozen people trading blows? Well Watervliet's 2017 edition did.

I would love to sit here and type out a nice paragraph at how shocking it is that a brawl took place to end the festivities. I however am not shocked by this matter at all. When it comes down to it many cities and towns in the Capital Region carry a bad reputation, and we all know Watervliet is one of them. Watervliet: Hey we are close to 787 with cheap rent. Disregard the fact that our High Schools required 4 police departments to break up a fight.

According to the Police Chief Mark Spain, some officers arrived only to immediately call for backup. Then more departments arrived to break it all up including Menands, Green Island and Colonies men in blue. In the brawl a police officer was injured and brought to a nearby hospital. As of the moment there is an investigation happening into the camera footage in hopes for some answers.

Arrested were a few including Damon M. Walker and a teen from the school who have been charged with misdemeanors. Now for my speculation. Someones girlfriend cheated. Makes sense. Watch me be right!!!



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