It's graduation season and usually, the ceremonies are pretty structured and you know what to expect. Well, something happened to the 5th graders in Voorheesville they never saw coming.

When the 5th graders lined up to graduate, they planned on singing a song for their parents and to celebrate the retirement of a longtime department head for the music department. The teacher started out facing the line-up of kids until right before the lyrics started for Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." That's when the two teachers directing, turned to face the audience instead.

That's when, to surprise the kids, the parents started a choreographed dance number. I think this is really cute but I have so many questions. When did these parents learn this routine? Did they get together to learn it or learn it on their own?

Either way, I think it was great to get the parents to surprise the kids like that for the graduation and kudos to the person who came up with the dance!

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