Jaclyn Aubin knew that Sunday was going to be special. It was her graduation day from Siena College and of course it was mother's day, but what she didn't expect was a visit from a family member she hadn't seen in 5 months.

When the graduating senior turned around after receiving her diploma, the look on her face (and the fall that ensued) was priceless.  She hadn't see her brother Airman Kyle Aubin who's been stationed at Pope Air Force Base in North Carolina for 5 months and there he was, proudly standing in front of his sister, fatigues and all.

The Times Union Center has been host to plenty of moments like this over the years when it comes to Siena College. Pure joy, emotion, drama, and suspense have been synonymous with the school for years. But it wasn't the men's basketball team providing us with such memories; It was Jaclyn Aubin's graduation day.

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