A creative idea from an out of work, local photographer has grown into honoring local high school seniors. In turn, helping her and other photographers find work. In a story shown on News Channel 13, Stephanie McCauley was the owner of the photography studio, iSmile Studios, in Colonie Center until the mall closed in March due to the coronavirus. She wanted to come up with a way to support the community and the employees. So she now works from home.

Stephanie decided that she would turn to her photographer colleagues and help create lawn signs with pictures of high school seniors on them. She was already doing photography for many schools in the area. She has been getting orders from parents and also interest in school districts that wish to buy them for their entire senior class.

The lawn signs can have the senior's picture, their school, and anything else they would like to display on the sign about their senior. This is a way to show pride for their seniors and their school.

If you would like to get more information and to design your own lawn sign for your graduating senior, click HERE

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