Congrats to Zachary Schulman, first of all.  He is yet another graduate headed off into the world.  We attended his graduation ceremony at Siena College (and the party afterwards) recently.   Boy have things changed since I was in school.  I have the top 5 differences below.

1.  Wow -nobody uses video cameras anymore except me!   All I see are cellphones aimed at the stage with crappy zooms. Big  blur waiting to happen!
photo by Richie
2. This school is religious, and it's so much classier my state school (no offense -I loved Oneonta- don't get me wrong)   And furthermore,  some of the Franciscan monks have really awesome robes.
photo by Richie
3. The poor Siena "house band"  had to play "Pomp and Circumstance" (the graduation song) about 500 times in a row.  I don't remember the Oneonta band having to work that hard when I was there.  These peoples' lips must have fallen off!
photo Richie Phillips
2. Much funkier mortar boards.
photo by Richie Phillips
1.  Noone in my era (or ANY era) could have made a graduation cake like this!  Zack graduated with a degree in accounting.  Look at this incredible job created by the Roarke family!
photo by Richie


Despite these vast differences, we had a great time with great friends.  i hope your graduation ceremony was a celebration…..