Local College Campuses Are Going Smoke-Free in 2019
While there's a push to make recreational marijuana legal in 2019, some local colleges are getting more strict and going completely smoke-free in the new year.
Cigarettes, vaping, marijuana, Ecigarettes, hookahs- doesn't matter if it's legal or not,  it's all not allowed on t…
More Cases of Mumps at Local College
Hearing that people have the mumps kind of sounds like people have smallpox or the plague. Most people get vaccinated for MMR before entering school but for some reason, vaccinations or not, there's a mini epidemic locally.
New York Says, "Tuition Free Is the Way to Be!" - Do You Agree?
Hey New York, it looks like we're about to be the only station going tuition free!
So how could this affect you? Well, the Excelsior Scholarship, as they're calling it states that if you're a family that makes under $125,000 a year (which, um, is a lot of us, no?) then your s…

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