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Siena College Extends Spring Break in Light of Coronavirus
Everyday more and more people and places are being affected by the Coronavirus and now Siena College is taking steps to protect their students, staff and fans. Siena has extended Spring Break foe all students by one week and urged fans to not attend today's women's lacrosse against UAlbany…
I Truly Hope That Siena Loses It's Best Player
Look, I want the Siena College men's basketball team to be a powerhouse for many years to come. Losing it's best player, Jalen Pickett, would certainly put a damper on hopes and expectations.  But, this isn't about just basketball.  This is a about a young man pursuing his d…
5 Reasons Rick Pitino Could End Up Coaching Siena
Rumor has it that Hall of Fame college basketball coach Rick Pitino is interested in the head coaching vacancy at Siena College.  While it may seem like a longshot, the disgraced coaching legend and the fledgling basketball program may actually be a good fit.  Do I think it will happen? It…
Volunteers In Dire Need For Summer Games
If you are looking to volunteer this summer for a wonderful organization and to cheer on some amazing athletes, then you are needed. The 2017 Special Olympics New York State Summer Games will be held in just a few weeks.
Siena Graduate Gets Emotional Surprise [VIDEO]
Jaclyn Aubin knew that Sunday was going to be special. It was her graduation day from Siena College and of course it was mother's day, but what she didn't expect was a visit from a family member she hadn't seen in 5 months.
Siena College Has New Far Out Addition
When I was a kid, my only dream was to be an astronaut. For Halloween I was the night sky (even though people called me Merlin all night), my science fair projects were always space-related (homemade solar system, space ice cream, the moon), so when I heard about this new addition to a local college…
Siena College Basketball in 1948 [PHOTOS]
A perfect find for "Throwback Thursday!"
It was November of the 1948-49 Siena Saints college basketball season and it was in full swing. The college itself was just a baby in the Capital Region

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