The next city in the Capital Region to be a backdrop for a tv series is Schenectady. Showtime will be setting up on Upper Union Street to use as the backdrop to a series called "Three Women" next week. There will be some traffic alterations in that area of Schenectady.

Who is in "Three Women"?

The Showtime series stars Shailene Woodley who was in the "Divergent" movies, DeWanda Wise from the movie "The Photograph" and Betty Gilpin from the movie, "The Tomorrow War". It is based on the book by Lisa Teddeo called "Three Women" which follows their lives as they explore their sexuality. They are living in different states throughout the country.

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What role will Upper Union Street in Schenectady play?

It is unclear if the Upper Union Street neighborhood will be the backdrop for the character from Rhode Island, Indiana, or North Dakota. But according to the Times Union, signs were posted on the homes on Baker Avenue. They say that they will be filming interior and exterior scenes for the Showtime series in that neighboorhood. Expect traffic alterations during filming on November 16th.

The Capital Region Has Been a Hot Bed For Filming

There have been a few films and series filmed in the Capital Region. In the summer, Woody Harrelson was in downtown Albany filming the HBO Watergate series called "The White House Plumbers". Production and film crews took over downtown Troy as well. They transformed it into the Victorian-era for the HBO drama "The Guilded Age".

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