Wanna Be in Showtime Series? Filming in North Country This Month
Add another television show filming in and around the Capital Region. This time cast and crew are in the North Country ready to film season six of "Billions" on Showtime. If you are interested you have a chance to be cast as an extra. They are looking for locals in the Bolton Landing area.
I Was on a Boat That Day-Cheering on Tom Brady for NFL Commercial
Yesterday was my big day to be in an NFL commercial that will be seen by millions of people. I know! So crazy. I still can't believe they picked me. I found out that I was one of only seven people selected to have a speaking role. The commercial I was cast for was as a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan on a boat with another guy watching Tom Brady throw a winning touchdown. We were to cheer loudly and say, "stat that".
What Did I Sign Up For? Getting Fitted as a Bucs Fan for NFL Com
I was super excited last week when I found out that I was selected to be in an Amazon NFL commercial. When I sent my video in I thought I was trying to be cast as a Buffalo Bills Fan. I found out that was not the case. Apparently, I will be a Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan in a boat. I had the fitting yesterday and it turned into a four-hour ordeal. But it was pretty cool. After the fitting, I was able to get onto the field. It was amazing. Today we will film the commercial and I can't wait. Here's what my day was like.
Want to be in HBO Series Filming in Catskill? Local Extras Needed
It was announced a few weeks ago that HBO would be setting up in the Village of Catskill to film their latest "Pretty Little Liars" series. They were scoping out various locations for the backdrop of the TV series that would premiere on HBOMax. They were looking at the cemetery, neighborhood streets, and homes. After approval from the village, they got the green light to film. Now they need you. They are searching for local extras.
HBO Series Gets Reboot in Catskill-Filming This Summer
Many film crews have been scouting Upstate New York for their films and series. Now HBO is coming into the small village of Catskill to shoot a reboot of a popular series. "Pretty Little Liars" will start filming soon in Catskill as HBO looks to reboot the series.
Woody Harrelson Filming HBO Series in Albany-Road Closures
Here we go again. This time film production moves to Albany for another series. After months of filming in downtown Troy for "The Gilded Age", a new HBO series will be filming in downtown Albany. It is called "The White House Plumbers" part of a five-part Watergate series starring Woody Harrelson.
Upstate Casting Call: Get Paid $88 A Day
Lately our area has been buzzing with television and movie filming. Now there is another movie being filmed just south of the Capital Region and they need extras. Here's who they are looking for.

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