A Canadian family went out to eat for Mother's Day and received their bill for their meal, only to find a $5 discount for "WELL-BEHAVED KIDS" on its own itemized line.

The family was pleased and a reddit thread followed.

We discussed this idea on "The Sean and Richie Show" this morning: should restaurants give discounts to families with well-behaved kids?

Personally, I'm not so sure. It would be nice to get a discount, but, what if you didn't get it?  Would you be offended? And, who decides if your kids were "good" enough? And, what about the people who don't have any kids? They're not eligible for a discount at all? And, how old to the kids have to be?

Too many things up in the air for me.

Several restaurants are now starting to have "kids-free" policies now, too. I'm okay with that idea. Even as a parent, there are times I want to get away from my kids, and other people's kids too! And, it never fails: we'll be out on a rare date night and sure enough, we'll be seated right next to a family with screaming kids. So much for that quiet night out!

What do you think? Let me know!

Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images