I Finally Got Bangs!
A couple of weeks ago we had a very heated discussion in the morning about whether or not I should have some fringe cut into my hair.
You all had some very strong opinions and we took a little informal Facebook and texting pole. And, well, you decided that I should indeed get some bangs...
Who Cleans Brantley Gilbert’s Bus? [Watch]
Last night was the Brantley Gilbert concert at the Glens Falls Civic Center and it was an incredible sold out show!
But before Brantley took the stage, he invited us on his bus to hang out for a few minutes.
First of all, the bus was so freaking clean...
Bethany and Marissa Review ’50 Shades Darker’ [Watch]
Well, it's out in theaters now, some of you have seen it, some of you will never! But either way you might get a kick out of watching Marissa and me reviewing the new film in the "50 Shades of Grey" series.
We had a run-in with some listeners in the theater...
3 Fun Superbowl Halftime Show Moments
If you're like me, you couldn't really care any less about football, and maybe you're just watching the game for the commericals and the half time show??
Well, then you've clicked on the right blog!
In order to distract you, here are 3 fun moments from Super Bowl Halftime show…
Ever Wondered What It’s Like at WGNA Late at Night? [Watch]
Saturday night... no one around... deep on the Pine Bush... a lowly brick building houses 5 radio stations... what could possibly go wrong??
Bethany and Marissa.
We happened to be working on stuff late on Saturday night when we happened to be the only 2 people in the building...
Hey Albany, Can We Get a Tulip King? It’s 2017?
I read this morning on the Times Union website that it's time once again for young women to submit their applications to the Albany Tulip Queen Selection Committee so that they can be in the running to be crowned Albany's Tulip Queen.
YouTube’s Top 3 Videos from 10 Years Ago [Watch]
It seems like just yesterday, but also like it was a million years away!
I have complied the list of the Top 3 Youtube videos of 2006 for you to enjoy as this year, 2016 comes to a close!
This way we can look back at what was....

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