Saratoga Lake Restaurant Reborn From The Ashes
In 2018 a fire destroyed one of my favorite places on Saratoga Lake called Lake Local. Now under new ownership and a total transformation, a new restaurant and bar is opening. I am anxious to see the beautiful new establishment and we don't have to wait much longer.
The Tide Pod Craze Has Reached Epic Stupidity
I haven't seen anything this ridiculous in quite some time.  When we were kids, the threat of having our mouths washed out with soap was reason enough to never curse around our parents.  In 2018, people are voluntarily eating Tide Pods, getting violently ill, and eating MORE!  The level of stupidity has reached epic proportions.
Should You Receive a Discount at Restaurants for Having Well-Behaved Kids?
A Canadian family went out to eat for Mother's Day and received their bill for their meal, only to find a $5 discount for "WELL-BEHAVED KIDS" on its own itemized line. The family was pleased and a reddit thread followed. We discussed this idea on "The Sean and Richie Show" this morning: should restaurants give discounts to families with well-behaved kids...
My Kind of Diet
The most common New Year’s resolution for people is to “lose weight”.  Even if it’s not your resolution, there are a lot of people who would like to lose a few pounds and get healthier.  What if you could do that by eating more?
Kids Eat Free in Albany Area – Best Restaurant Deals
We are all on a budget these days, and that is especially the case if you have children. Although in theory it'd be great to avoid eating out, you need that family time away from the home and with our busy lives, it's just a necessity to eat out a couple of times a week. To help you save some cash, here are the best places around the Albany area where kids can eat free.