Well, it think it's safe to say we are batting a thousand when we work together at Schoharie Elementary School.  I always seem to walk away with a hit song on my recording device, conceived and written by some very creative elementary students.   That's MY kind of school!!

schoharie sign
photo by Richie Phillips  (you can see Mrs. Yager in the reflection!!)

Once again I interrupted Mrs Yager's workflow with keyboard in hand to help create a song with her class,  and she always is gracious enough to make time for me each year.

This time the 4th graders were psyched to write a parody concerning all of the subjects  they are learning about in this awesome educational institution ,and I was happy to help out.  The song they love from our WGNA playlist is "My Kind Of Night" by Luke Bryan (anybody ever heard of him?  LOL)

The kids wrote this in less than an hour, and were so  "into it" that they even invited the class next door to join in on the chorus!   We decided to go all out here and do a YouTube video.  Check this out! (lyrics are at the bottom)



LYRICS TO “It’s My Kind of School”

I’ve got my book bag on my back

And I’ve got my homework and my snack

I’m ready for the school day

Schoharie I’m on my way!

I’m gonna learn science, math, and art

And if I study I’ll be smart

And before we’re through, social studies too

Reading is important so is writing and lunch time

And we go out to gym so we can have a fun time

And here on place that’s cool

It’s Schoharie School!

We’re fourth graders and our teacher’s Mrs. Yager

And for reading Mrs. Hammond and Mrs. Schaffer

And here’s one school that really rules

It’s Schoharie School

It’s Schoharie School!!!!!!!!!!!  Time for RECESS!

Written by:  Mrs. Yager’s awesome writers!  

Thanks once again to the kids, Mrs. Yager and of course Principal Gillis for having me back.  Your school is starting to feel like home to me!

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