If you haven't driven through the area of Albany on New Scotland Avenue adjacent to Albany's Washington Park in a few years, a lot has changed, and more is coming.

One of the fast-growing areas in Albany located near Albany Medical Center has grown exponentially in the last half-decade or so with the addition of apartment buildings, a Chipotle, a soon-to-open Buffalo Wild Wings, and now, a new place to get your sweat on.

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An Albany Redditer posted a picture taken near the location of 21 New Scotland Avenue in Albany with a caption that read, "Saw this on New Scotland on my afternoon walk today: these window decals are definitely brand new, and there's a ton of exercise equipment inside that I hadn't noticed before."

It appears that something is finally happening in Albany about a new YMCA, and people seem to be pretty excited about a new gym in an area that has gone without one for years.

Photo: Albany Reddit
Sign for the new YMCA in Albany near Albany Med


Albany had a YMCA for many years on Washington Avenue, and it was relatively close to where the new one will be, but that was closed for good back in 2016.

According to their Facebook page, while the opening date hasn't been announced, many expect it to be soon.

The new YMCA at 17 New Scotland Ave will be equipped with:

  • Aerobics Center
  • Child Watch Family Locker Rooms
  • Fitness Center
  • Gym
  • Indoor Running Track
  • Library
  • Pool
  • Weight Room
  • Aquatics
  • Camping and Outdoor Enrichment
  • Before School, After School, and Early Learning
  • Community Development and Resources
  • Youth and Teen Development

As Albany Medical Center continues to grow in the Capital Region, the area around it has as well.

Between the hospital and the adjacent Albany Medical College campus, there are thousands of students, doctors, professors, and medical professionals who make that area their home - and the amenities keep growing.

And that seems to be okay with the rest of us in the area.

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