Brian and Chrissy in the Morning

Love Cowboy Marvels at 'Dad Superpowers'
Payton in Pattersonville writes: 
My girlfriend is due with our first-born in 6 weeks and I already feel the power of the dad-joke getting stronger with every day. I know that between the three of you, you guys have 5 kids so I'm sure you all have some insight on this, but I was hoping that Love Cowb…
Love Cowboy Helps Couple Divided By Politics
Terrance in Troy writes:
I'm sure you hear this type of thing all the time, but there is a major divide in my household over next months election. My wife and I are both in our early 30's and while we seem to agree on most things - and surprisingly get along very well - we're split on the election.  …
Love Cowboy's Guide For First Date Nerves
Erica in Fonda writes:
About 2 years ago I got out of a pretty bad marriage and have been single ever since but have done zero dating.  I'm only 25 years old and I met my ex-husband when I was in high school so as far as experience with men, my ex has been it.  Next weekend I'm going out on pretty mu…
Love Cowboy Waxes Poetic About Lame Boyfriend
Kara in Galway writes:
I'm 34, my boyfriend is 26. And I really don't need much. I'm a simple girl but on the rare occasion I ask for flowers or quality time from my live in boyfriend, he can’t seem to do this yet claims he loves me.
He says flowers are for old married couples and that he'd spend more…
Why Chrissy's Summer of 2020 Was The Best Yet [PICS]
The summer of 2020 was definitely different for everyone. But I feel as if this was our best summer ever. We reconnected with each other and nature and disconnected from the hustle and bustle of the season. We explored new places that were right in our backyard and spent quality time with family. I …
Stewart's Not Horsin' Around With New Ice Cream Flavor
It should be interesting to see if this new ice cream flavor dominates the checkout counter the way the horse it's named after dominates the race track.  While I've yet to wager even a single dollar on the race horse Tiz the Law, I'll be more than happy to slap a few bucks down on the new delicious …
Albany's LarkFest Latest Covid Casualty
The hits keep coming in 2020 and while this one doesn't come as surprise to anyone, a long running tradition for one of Albany's most interesting and colorful streets has been canceled.
Power Outage Sweeps Fulton County
Thousands of Capital Region residents are without power this morning according to National Grid.  Many of the power outages reported are in the Broadalbin area, which appears to be the epicenter of the disruption.
Love Cowboy: Help My GF is “Driving” Me Crazy
Travis in Ballston Spa writes:
I don't want this to sound sexist - because this is strictly regarding MY girlfiend- but she's a terrible driver. I don't own my own car now, so she drives us everywhere and I literally feel like when she's behind the wheel I'm holding on for de…
Albany Police Search for Missing Siblings
The Albany Police are asking anyone with information to reach out to them as they attempt to locate two siblings who went missing on Thursday morning.  Perhaps you or someone you know, may have a tidbit of info that can help them out.
Adorable Area Seniors Looking for Pen Pals
The mailbox at the Grand Rehabilitation and Nursing of Guilderland has "exploded" with letters arriving daily, much to the delight of the senior residents who live there.
Recently, activity directors featured photos of 11 residents and behind them on a dry-erase board was information about …

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