How the heck is this happening?  I've even heard of same day Amazon delivery…but one hour? Are you kidding me? According to the Wall Street, this is actually happening in Atlanta, Georgia.  You have to pay $8.00 for the privilege, and you have to sign up for Amazon Prime,  but if you ask for two hour delivery, it's free!

It's called Prime NOW and is available between 8a.m. and midnite, 7 days a week.

I'm wondering if drone are going to be involved in this?  Either way, what does this say about our society?  Do we have to get stuff THAT FAST?  What items are included in this?

Can you actually get  big screen TV in an hour?  Camera? .  If so, you better watch out, Dorrie.  I'm not sure I can control myself...

amazon gift card
photo by Richie


What would YOU like to have delivered in an hour?  Would love to know

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