High tech costume - have you ever tried to make one?  This is a quick and dirty answer. Plus a way to use those silly silica gel packs that you find in your shoe box plus other fascinating things
Hub Network's 1st Annual Halloween Bash - Inside
                                         High Tech Halloween App 
This guy, Mark Rober, quit his job at NASA and made an app and accessories for Halloween costumes. This is very clever, although I'm not sure I would trust using my phone for this. Check it out:

Tech tip For Klutzes
The next time your cell phone falls in the toilet (Bethany) here's a tip, according to Popular Mechanics Magazine. You know those silica gel packs that you get when you buy a pair shoes? You know, those little white packets to keep your shoes dry? Well, say to take a bowl and put your phone in there after removing the memory card and the battery. The only problem with that though is that you can't take the battery out of an iPhone. So I guess it's only for windows phone, Google phones, and the like.

               What's Cheaper : Amazon.com or Walmart? 
Is ordering from Amazon actually cheaper than going to Walmart? These things keep me up at night. But I did read an article where they compared prices on selected items and you might find it very surprising.
Duracell Coppertop alkaline batteries, for example, were $3 more expensive on Amazon than Walmart. They were $14.96 vs $11.97. Check out the rest of article here.

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