This is pretty cool, and very timely.  I hope you can get down there to get copies of an exciting new sci-fi thriller!
Do we possibly have a new William Kennedy on our hands?  (This is the only local author I can think of who has made it big, but I may be wrong.  (Please correct me in the comment section if you can name some others.)

Sam Willis is doing extremely well with his new book, Beaten and will be doing a signing tonite.  It's available on Amazon, by the way

Sam Willis, local author of the Sci-Fi Thriller Beaten and its prequel, “Break” will be hosting a book signing and reading at Arthur’s Public Market, 35 North Ferry St, Schenectady, NY 12305.
                      Screen Shot Sam Willis
"Beaten, the first full length novel from Willis, is the story of a twenty-something directionless slacker who spends his days playing video games or falling asleep in a chair.  Nathan Werner has nothing to motivate him but his looming student loans, until he receives a draft notice.  This comes as a shock—especially because there’s no war.  Nate reports for duty, assuming no one in their right mind would deem him fit to serve, only to fall into a clandestine government experiment and the cover-ups, manipulation, and murder that come with it."
 We hope you can get down there and get an autograph!  (You never know - it could be worth a lot some day!)

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