If you are a voracious reader (like I'm not), you'll love this new service. 

You know how you can buy a subscription service to listen to all of the music you want to, like Rhapsody?  Well, Amazon is now bringing that idea to reading.

According to the New York Times.com, Amazon has unveiled a new service called Kindle  Unlimited.  You pay $9.99 a month (Kindle not included)  and you can download whatever you want .  Disclaimer here:  It's not their entire inventory of books.  But quoting

The service, Kindle Unlimited, offers a Netflix-style, all-you-can-read approach to more than 600,000 e-books, including blockbuster series like “The Hunger Games” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid,” nonfiction titles like “Flash Boys” by Michael Lewis, as well as literary fiction and classics.

You can also download audio books as well from what I understand.   Ok, so you don't get all of their offerings.  I guess you're stuck with the measly 600,000 books that they have.  Sorry about that!  LOL.

It also works with all your devices, so if you have the Kindle app on your phone or iPad or other device, you can start reading on, say, your Kindle, pick up where you left off at the airport on your iPhone and then finish the chapter on your iPad in bed.   I assume that's how it works.  (I haven't read the whole article.  I told you, I don't read alot)

getty images
getty images
 Would you go for something like this?  I think it's a great idea, personally.  What's YOUR opinion?

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