It's that time of year again when we empty our bank accounts and max our credit cards to make sure our kids have the happiest christmas ever. I may have found a way to save you a few dollars or at least clutter your house with a few more toys.I did quick survey in the office meaning I asked Kate the saleschick where she thought she could get the cheapest toys and she was close...BUT WRONG. Kate's guess was Walmart which is actually in second place. Bloomberg did a study where they checked the prices on 125 popular toys then compared those prices to see which outlet had the cheapest price. The winner was, Amazon had lower prices on 44% of the toys then Walmart. Walmart had only 13% of the toys cheaper then Amazon and the rest of the toys were priced the same. Both Amazon and Walmart beat Target, Kmart, and Toys "R" Us on 80% of toys.

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