Normally when we get the National Grid bill, it's a few hundred bucks.  On rare occasions - during extremely hot or cold months -  it might be a few bucks more.  But when Ariana Sheehan from Niskayuna opened up her National Grid bill and saw that she owed a whopping total of $18,165.45, her mind was blown.

Back on August 28th, Sheehan was driving along Rt. 146 in Rexford heading toward the center of Clifton Park.  The Niskayuna native took her eyes off the road for a split second, and noticed that the car in front of her had come to a complete stop.  Acting swiftly, she was able to avoid the car while veering off the road and slamming into a pole.

Sheehan (absolved of any negligence) considers herself lucky to have escaped with no significant injuries, but her car was totaled and the pole didn't fare much better.  The vehicle has since been replaced and her emotional scars have been healing, but she admits she was dealt quite a blow when she opened up her mail recently and saw that she was slammed by National Grid for the damage she caused to their pole.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Transportation $2301.83
  • Labor, expenses, and fringes $9549.45
  • Materials and handling $891.22
  • Overheads $6506.95
  • JPP Credit $1084.00

Her total of $18,165.45 is due at the end of November.  Sheehan did tell WGNA that she's pretty confident her insurance will cover the costs.

Photo: Ariana Sheehan
Photo: Ariana Sheehan
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