I have two very good friends with elderly parents and wisely, these folks are not spending much time outside of their house during the pandemic.  They're a close, wonderful, Greek family, but this COVID-19 stuff hasn't been easy on them.  One of the sons lives in Boston and the other lives in L.A.  A few weeks ago, I messaged them and said that if their parents needed me to get anything at the store for them, I would do it - no problem.  Full disclosure as with any favors I personally offer anyone: I don't reallllllly hope you take me up on said offer.  But I'm a man of my word and when the boys asked me if I could do a shopping run for their adorable rents, John and Katerina, I obliged.

It wasn't easy getting the list from them, but when I did (after two or three revisions) I spent a few hours during grocery shopping and delivery. There was a lot of pressure on me looking for things that I had never shopped for - frozen baby cut carrots, hot-cross buns, Cubanelle peppers, and lentils - and my anxiety was running high fearing that any mistake could result in me being thought of as vlakas in the eyes of the Greeks.

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