I'm A Hugger - When Will We Fully Hug Again?
I'll admit that I am one of those people who is a hugger and announces it whenever I meet someone new. Well, that's what I was before the pandemic. Now that things are getting back to normal, it's been harder for me to admit that I am a hugger and to fully commit on my end to a hug
10 Things Capital Region Residents Learned During Covid [PICS]
We're coming up on one year since the universe threw us the biggest curveball anyone could have ever imagined.  We locked down, social distanced, tried to "not be stupid," wore our masks, watched daily press conferences, explored the Adirondacks, worked from home, taught our children, did …
Malta Diner, Troy Pub Forced to Close
Two well-established and very popular Capital Region restaurants announced on Sunday that amidst the pandemic, they've been forced to close their doors.  While the hope in both cases is that they'll reopen in the Spring, much will need to change before that happens.
Finally, The Ol’ Barber is Back Doing What He Loves
Back on March 21st, a man who had only known one profession his entire life, was told he had to shut it down.  For this longtime Albany barber, who had been cutting hair since his early 20's, the shutdown was his most difficult cut ever.   It was a decision that came at the hands of CDC officials an…
My Big Fat Greek Pandemic Shopping Experience (Video)
I have two very good friends with elderly parents and wisely, these folks are not spending much time outside of their house during the pandemic.  They're a close, wonderful, Greek family, but this COVID-19 stuff hasn't been easy on them.  One of the sons lives in Boston and the other lives in L.A.  …

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