The Young Man With The Cardboard Sign
A young man sat on the corner of Lark street in Albany today holding a hand-written sign on a tattered piece of cardboard that read 'Kindness Appreciated'.  Beggars are everywhere in Albany these days, but this was an unfamiliar sight.  He was in a place where no one sits; a relatively quiet area, p…
What My Son Taught Me About 9/11
I've taken my son Brody to the NYS Museum in Albany at least half-a-dozen times.  Sometimes, I avoid the 9/11 exhibit or pass through it quickly because my son (who turned 4 in July) wants to see animals and funky minerals and dinosaur bones; the fun stuff.  He doesn't want to see his daddy tear up …
Proud Marine Mom Honors August Hometown Hero
Penny Bartlett from Colonie is the proud Marine Mom of 26-year-old Ian and she wrote to GNA hoping we'd honor him as August's Hometown Hero.  Mom also told us that her son may be slightly uncomfortable with the 'fanfare' that comes along with it and decided to spend a few mi…
Local Girl Competes In LLWS Home Run Derby
A local 11-year-old girl had the opportunity of a lifetime. She competed in the first-ever Little League World Series Home Run Derby in Williamsport, PA. We spoke to her and her mom about this amazing experience.
GNA's This Is 'Empire Country' Song
We're all pumped up for the Arena Bowl Sunday night and pretty darn sure our Empire are gonna crush the Philadelphia Soul.  Here's the parody song you may have heard on the show with Brian and Chrissy this week on GNA!
To The Listener Who Told Us "Keep Your Crap (about mass killings)
A listener named Tyson left this message for us on Facebook Tuesday morning, presumably after hearing portions of our show on Monday after a weekend filled with more heartbreaking tragedy and mass killings in El Paso and Dayton:
"Maybe Brian and Chrissy could keep their gun control crap and poli…
Reggie in Altamont think he's a lot better looking than he really is.  At least that's what the Love Cowboy thinks, and he quickly puts Reggie in his place during Friday mornings relationship advice segment!
Wendy in Green Island emailed Brian and Chrissy looking for advice about her man.  You see, in her eyes, he's developed a rather unhealthy obsession with aliens, UFO's and anything extra-terrestrial.  It would be fine if he kept it to himself, but lately he's been disappointed in Wendy's lack of aff…
Love Cowboy decided to break format on Wednesday morning when he decided the only relationship advice worth giving, was a review of the wild Bachelorette Finale.  Spoiler Alert: He had plenty to say about Hannah, Jed, and windmills! Hold onto your hats, this was a pretty wild ride.

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