Chilly Neighbors Unable To Freeze Out 'Ice Cold Beer' Selling Kid
With Capital Region temperatures about to skyrocket this weekend, maybe a little side-hustle by your kids could help them generate enough cha-ching for a new bike, some video games, toys or even contribute to a local charity.  This young man's cold marketing strategy was so successful, neighbors cal…
Justin in Rotterdam emailed the show because after two years he broke up with a girl who he actually really liked.  But there was something about her that just made him feel like she wasn't marriage material, and he ended it.  Fearing that he might regret his decision, he called on th…
UPDATE: Cat Who Suffered Burns Rapidly On The Mend
A Facebook post by the Saratoga County Animal Shelter updated the condition of 'Soldier' the cat who was found last week with apparent burns on his face.  Over the course of a few days at the shelter the cat's condition has rapidly improved!
Do Aliens Exist? We May Find Out On September 20th
Wouldn't you love to know what secrets lie deep in the archive of the highly classified (and guarded) government files that supposedly exist at Area 51.  Area 51 remains a mystery to most, but come September 20th, that may all change.  Or not.  If you believe what has been trending on Facebook, over…
Madison VanDenburg's National Anthem Gave Us Chills
There were plenty of musical performance highlights at WGNA's Countryfest 2019 this past Saturday but none, in my opinion, topped what our hometown American Idol Madison VanDenburg did to kick off the show.  In case you missed it in person, watch her rendition of The Star Spangled Banner and tell me…
Free EMT Training Course
If you have ever thought about being an Emergency Medical Technician, here's your chance to train for free. Here are the details.
Where To See The Fireworks In The 518
From Albany to the Adirondacks and everywhere in between, Fourth of July firework displays will be lighting up Capital Region skies this week. Here's a list of large firework shows beginning on Wednesday and booming through the middle of July happening all throughout the 518!
Local "Pet Detective" June's Hometown Hero
County Waste has partnered with us to honor those in our communities who are truly making a difference and Josh Grassi from Clifton Park is truly one-of-a-kind.  He loves animals so much, his spends countless hours (and his own resources) tracking down and locating lost pets.
Love Cowboy's Reaction To Spend-Happy Spouse
Jonathan in Waterford emailed Brian and Chrissy to help with a major financial fiasco he's facing.  A few years ago, he helped get him and his wife out of debt, but she's since run their credit card bills up with her careless ways.  Love Cowboy tries to help the poor soul who has…
Betty in Gansevoort emailed the show because she needed a little help sorting through some 'secrets' her man had been keeping from her.  She found out after 4.5 months of dating him, that he conveniently never told her about the two children he has with two different women that he has no contact wit…

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