The ABC Network is about to do something very cool online with live streaming,  but don't cancel your cable subscription quite yet. Plus, do you have alot of junk on your computer screen that you'd like to wipe off quickly?  I've got a quick tip for ya!

According to,  ABC is going to add live streaming for the iPhone and the iPad app store.  You will have to have a satellite or cable subscription though.  Right now you can only stream stuff that is on demand.  Now honestly, I'm not certain if Time Warner Cable lets you do this.  There are other apps that list shows that you can stream, but you have to pick your cable provider from a list, and I didn't see Time Warner on there.  Maybe this will be different.

ABC Upfront Presentation
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 New way to get exercise and work simultaneously 

It's called the TreadDesk.  I kid you not.  It's a combination desk/treadmill!  Studies do show that sitting for a long period, or even 2 hours a day can be very bad for you. (Health alert to all morning radio personalities!)  Anyway, here is a video about it.  It shows an attorney demonstrating the gadget.

Would you buy one of these?  And furthermore, would you use it, or would you end up putting your dirty clothes on it like most people do with their treadmills and exercise bikes after a month.  ( I guess not in this case because you would bury your computer! )

 Quick Computer Tip

According to here's how to do it.

If you are not viewing a window in full screen and have other windows open in the background clear all background open windows by pressing the Windows key + the Home key.



There you have it. It's Tech Talk.   Have a good week gettin' geeky with your gadgets.

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