No, I'm not hallucinating.  This is actually a new trend, believe it or not. Don't laugh.  It might actually make sense It's a new trend in the San Francisco area.  It's considered the Sober Club Movement, and according to , it's become very popular.  You actually go to a dance club in the morning.

Instead of getting "sloppy", you get healthy.  You drink smoothies, do yoga and even get free massages as an extra benefit.

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Think of it before you "poo poo" it.  You get exercise just like working out in a gym, but it's a ton more fun (and there's no heavy lifting).  People are also too half awake to start fights, which is good. However it definitely raises a few questions though.

1. Who has the time to do that AND go then get to work promptly if at all?

2. I'm a very grumpy wake up person.  Do they have music for that segment of society (like slow ballsds?)

3. Is there a way that they could pipe in WGNA so you folks wouldn't miss our show?  (Hey - job security, people.  Job security)

4.  And finally - would you go if they had one in this area?  Break up into small groups and discuss.