Long live yoga pants!

These thin, comfy, flexible leggings are popping up everywhere!  At the gym, at the mall, out to dinner, the office, the coffee shop, and now, in Loudonville!

Lululemon Athletica is set to open a temporary showroom in the Village of Loudon next month, bringing with them a line of high quality women’s yoga attire.

Available clothing will also include sports bras, tank tops and other types of athletic wear.

Before the actual store opens, a “showroom” will be popping up in the Village of Loudon retail plaza on Route 9 in Colonie.

The showroom will be right above the new Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches and most likely will only be open during select hours in the beginning.

If the showroom does well in the Capital District, the company could open a permanent retail store!

In honor of the new showroom, here's this:

Courtesy of Jason Smith, Getty Images