This story hits home for me because I 'get it.'

I was in a similar situation as Natal; an only child dealing with a mother figure fighting the battle of her life. For me it was my Grandmother when I was 8 years-old. For Natal it is his Mother, Angelica, a single mom who has given all of her time to work with local youth, has been fighting cancer and he's been helping to take care of her at just 15 years-old.

When you're in a situation like Natal is in, a kid that loves gaming, baseball and is in his jr high band, you're in a constant struggle not only emotionally but mentally being torn between childhood and adulthood. You're trying desperately to just be a kid, but at the same time, you're dealing with such adult problems and responsibilities.

Money is extremely tight as to be expected with the financial burden cancer brings. Activities mainly happen at home, he's said he is surprised he even still has a cell phone because of the medical bill expenses.

What this kid needs is the chance to be a kid, at least for a moment and that's where you can help!

Angelica and Natal credit Facebook Annemarie Belmonte
Angelica and Natal credit Facebook Annemarie Belmonte

Natal aka Natty Ice as his video plea is labeled, is trying to win his way to Gamer Camp. It would allow him the opportunity to meet some YouTube stars that he follows, be surrounded by kids his age with similar interests and just be a kid for a week. His Mom, has vowed in her Facebook invite, "Natal wants to go to this gamer camp, but I can't afford to send him. They are offering one child the chance to win a week. If he wins, I'll get him there (even if I drive him)!"

He has the opportunity to just be 15 again and all it will take is a quick click which is what? 5 seconds of your time? Every vote matters, so if you do anything online today, put this first. Please click the 'heart' on his video on THIS page.

Natal says in his video, "I barely get to leave my house and [it's so much worry] with your Mom having cancer and you have to take care of her and everything and school too. It's just been terrible and it would be great to be away for a week and just relax and have other people that have same interests and just be a kid for a while, ya know, not be an adult."




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