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Road Rage in Wilton: Man Shot While Toddler Sits in Backseat
An area couple was arrested after police responded to a dangerous road rage incident in the Town of Wilton on Wednesday night.  According to the Saratoga County Sherriff's, the offending couple were traveling with their two-year-old son when the escalating altercation occurred.
HBO Announces Release Date for New NXIVM Doc
On Thursday, HBO hit us with the trailer for their docuseries on the NXIVM madness called The Vow.  Based on the trailer (and the fact that it's HBO), it looks to me like it's gonna be awesome.
Oh man.  It was just a matter of time until this doozy popped up.  Admittedly, our GNA listener waited a while before asking for advice.  Perhaps he didn't want to know the answer to his question: What if she's not a blood relative; is dating her still off-limits?
Schoharie Man Recovering After Trailer Collapsed On Him
Pinned underneath his single wide trailer and battling for his life, a Schoharie County man is recovering at Albany Medical Center today as he had been trapped for as many as four hours last night. Thoughts and prayers are with his family this morning as the notion of this is simply terrifying. &nbs…

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