I thought this was a riot when I first read the story.  But sometimes you have to read further

piano keys
photo by Richie Phillips

According to the Fitimes.com, a 48 year old guy was found snoring away recently on top of a piano indoors in the concourse area of the Empire State Plaza in Albany.

That's the funny part.   What makes it not so funny is that he's homeless.  He also has a criminal record.  He was wanted for burglary and had violated parole too, according to the article.

Hey - this is nothing new to me   Many, many people have fallen asleep around the piano when I PLAYED piano back in the piano bar days, but this is something completely different.

Ok, I'm trying to make a funny, but there's a sad element to this one, so I'm gonna leave it alone. Hard to imagine someone THAT down on his luck.  I hope he gets the help he needs.

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