I sound like a carnival announcer, I know.  It's 100 times better than that , I can assure you.  Daria van den Bercken is a Dutch pianist-extraordinare.  I happened to catch this on a TED TALK episode.  Would you like to see something outrageous? 

Ms. Van Den Bercken  has performed professionally with the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, and that's just for starters (and no, I don't  mean Rotterdam, NY)  You can read her full bio here at www.dariavandenbercken.com

Daria van den Bercken
photo by Andreas Terlaak

According to her press kit, while down with the flu, she got very interested in the music of George Frideric Handel and wanted a way to bring it to the masses. I think she has definitely succeeded, and if I must say, this is one of the most amazing and quite gutsy things I've ever seen a musician do, especially being considering that she's playing an actual very heavy grand piano.  Check this out!

Did you SEE that?  Playing her baroque favorites through the streets and suspended from wires above the crowd?  Thank God she hasn't "baroque-en" any major bones (bad pun - sorry)

I wrote to her and got a quick response saying that she is possibly planning to come to New York in December.  Wouldn't that be amazing to have her on the air?  Should be no big deal for her -she's already  been IN the air.

I have to go folks.  I want to watch that TED TALK episode again!  Here's wishes from the Sean and Richie Show for a long and amazing career!



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