This is not a new phenomenon - candidates showing their talents to endear themselves to the electorate. Does it work?  Do you end up liking them more because of it?  Let's see..


Harry Truman and Richard Nixon showed they could play the piano, and they were pretty darn good actually. Here's Tricky Dicky for you

How about good old Slick Willie Clinton on Arsenio Hall's show in 1992?

Very cool, huh?  It worked for him definitely (too bad it did nothing for Arsenio long term.  His show went off the air)

Now fast forward to this current Presidential campaign.. Martin O'Malley made his debut on "The View" and attempted to play a Taylor Swift song.

And one more you - how about former Secretary Of State Condoleezza Rice? Great keyboardist!  She even played for Queen Elizabeth!

Now the question remains- do you feel more connected to these people because of it?  Actually I have to admit it does make them more human.  I probably end up liking them a big more because of it (being a music head myself).  How about you? Would love to know.




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