It's always amazing to watch street performers. Now you too can become one in downtown Albany if you play the piano. 

It's called the "Sculpture In The Streets" project, also known as "Play Me, I'm Yours." These folks come to cities and place pianos all over, allowing anyone and everyone to take their turn on the keys.
I just couldn't resist, so I plopped myself down at the little upright located on North Pearl Street. Stephen Sullivan was in the midst of playing an old Jim Croce favorite.  He was great.  He even knew some very obscure Billy Joel songs, which really caught my attention!
I propped my video camera up on a wall, and here's what transpired.

It really is a lot of fun, and I love to see the reactions of people walking by.

Here is the link if you would like more information about the project. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my tip jar. Next time.

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