Snow is coming to the Capital Region tomorrow so though it may not feel like Spring, it is, which means Summer is right there behind it. You know what gives me hope for warmer weather? Ice cream and one of my favorites opens today.

Jumpin' Jacks Drive-In opened this morning at 11AM. I'm from Schenectady so Jumpin' Jacks is the ice cream that reminds me of my childhood. I love going on opening day, not necessarily for the delicious food but to check out the lines. People line up from super early in the morning just to be one of the first to enjoy a Jackburger and twister fries.

Jessica Sims, Townsquare Media
Jessica Sims, Townsquare Media

I love how passionate people are about this area and what's in it, especially food. According to News Channel 13, staff have been prepping for today for the last 10 days. I live so close and it's kind of a tradition so I couldn't miss stopping down there to get some food & ice cream. What local food means Summer to you?

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